Sunday, 21 August 2011

DIY: cleanser+toner+moisturiser For Acne Prone Skin

This is a 3 in 1 All-Natural cleanser, toner and moisturiser for Acne proned skin. Yup, That's right. This facial mask is really good for those busy days when you don't have to waste time on slapping different products on skin for different purposes.

You Need: 
2 tbsp of Organic Yoghurt ( with at-least 10% fat)
If you have oily skin then choose the yoghurt with no more than 10% fat. 

Wash your face and neck with warm water to open up the pores, so the skin can absorb nutrients. Also if you have time, try exfoliating face with a gentle exfoliator, because they remove all the dirt and dead skin cells that clog up pores. DO NOT use harsh exfoliators, as they will worsen the acne. (I will soon post DIY Natural Exfoliator for acne prone skin, so keep your eye on my blog). Then just apply the yoghurt on your face and neck if you want an even skin tone

Personal Experience:
I couldn't find any other ingredient better than yoghurt that you can use as a 3 in 1 facial mask. It is the BEST one I have tried so far. It has lots of vitamins and minerals that are skin-friendly. Applying on skin will also minimize those huge pores. I use this mask everyday and I see A LOT of difference. So I really recommend it. Its suitable for All skin types.

Research shows, even eating yoghurt helps acne. So stuff your snacks with yoghurt and give your skin a beautiful glow. Take Care.
Love Krishna xxx

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  1. I feel like my acne gets irritated by yoghurt /:

  2. If you think it gets irritated then check your brand of yogurt, if its flavoured or prossesed.. because as far as I know yogurt is not allergic at all unless you are lactose intolerance which means you get allergic to most dairy products.. :D

  3. How long do you leave the yogurt on? And would you wash it off with cold or warm water?

  4. Just leave it on for minimum 15 mins then wash it off with cold water to close the pores :)

  5. random baby - you're not alone. a lot of people have issues with dairy and acne. for those of us who do, we're apparently sensitive to the casein protein found in dairy. it's not the same as lactose intolerance, but it's a real dairy sensitivity that research has shown is directly linked to acne for many people. even though yogurt is supposedly "better" than milk because it has probiotics, it can still cause acne. i stay away from dairy entirely and get probiotics from coconut water kefir.

  6. what exactly is organic yogurt??? we make yogurt at home.. will that do???

  7. @ Sarah- I am prone to acne as well by any diary products. Is there any alternative for the mask?

    1. Check out this post for an alternative >>

  8. I have places where there are scars from acne from earlier on. Help? howto getrid of bodyacne

  9. I am 19 still with acne not horrible but it seems like there is always something on my face. Both my mom and dad and aunt have adult acne so i feel like its something that i will always have. Should i bring my concern up to my Dr? complete skin care treatment

  10. Hi I v a little problem,I user laser treatment trying to remove my tattoo nd on the process it gave me a scar.what should I use to get rid of

  11. Dat's so unkind,I asked u for I can use on my laser scar but u ignored me y?

  12. I used this and it works !


  13. Thank you so much! That did the trick, you saved me more endless hours of searching for a fix.

    Soap Free Cleanser


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